11 yr old twins organize huge mission to help Houston flood victims

11 yr old twins organize huge mission to help Houston flood victims

September 13, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

When photos of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction over Houston, TX hit the news, Tony Ligon said his sons were mesmerized. “They wanted to help. They continued asking, what can we do to help those people,” said Ligon, father of a set of 11 year old twins in Baton Rouge, LA.

Tony and his wife, Melissa, have raised their sons in church and have always encouraged their kids to be conscious of the world they live in. Ayden and Austyn Ligon are not humanitarians but they are also Gospel performers. The two boys sing and currently have a Gospel Music project out under the moniker, 2 Is Better Than 1.

“My boys understand the role as youth leaders must go beyond the schoolyard and they are fully committed to the Gospel they sing about,” said Tony.

The boys demanded their parents help them organize a mission effort to help residents in Houston, TX. “They refused to accept no for an answer,” said Tony. The Ligons have teamed up with Tony’s Roll-N-Smoke BBQ & Catering, Mandinka Warriors Motorcycle Club, Mt. Moriah Family Baptist Church, and Word of Life Ministries. All these groups have pledged to support to feed residents in Houston for free.

Tony’s Roll-N-Smoke has pledged to stay in Houston as long as needed. All of these organizations have pledged finance to help with travel and the cost of food. The Ligons have enough for one day of feeding but would like to stay more days. The boys have launched an online campaign to help raise money to buy more food that will be used to feed workers who are helping to restore neighborhoods and residents who really have no clue where their next meal will come from.

Many Houston residents have complained that feeding sites are not feeding on the level which has been publicized on television. Some of the shelters are low on food. If it weren’t for outside sources bringing in food, many of them wouldn’t have enough food to eat. The Ligons have read online messages and decided to act on their call to serve not just their Baton Rouge community, but also to the people a few hours away in one of our nation’s largest cities.

The Ligons are asking for a simple donation to help these 11 year old kids pursue their goal of feeding as many residents and workers in Houston as possible this weekend. Their paypal link is: paypal.me/2IsBetterThan1 .

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