Shreveport church choirs to unite, Sonya Hester hopes to ‘bring back the sound’

Shreveport church choirs to unite, Sonya Hester hopes to ‘bring back the sound’

May 29, 2017 1 By congotvnetwork

Psalmist Brenda Winberly (Shreveport, LA)

Sopranos elevating their voices to the rafters. Altos singing melodiously. Tenors enthusiastically completing the chord with depth and richness. THIS is the experience of the Black Church Choir. On Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 4pm many of the church choirs in Shreveport are uniting for a one time event at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

“It is our goal to bring back the sound that gave us all our foundation in gospel music,” said Sonya D. Hester, Event Coordinator. “Old Testament scripture has taught us to send Judah, which we know means praise, first. It is no wonder that the Church choir was tasked with responsibility to go before the preached Word during the worship experience; to ensure that the congregation had been inspired, encouraged, and made ready to receive the message,” she explained.

Hester says the charge of the church choir is not only anointed but it is quite honarable. “What a glorious charge; which is hundreds upon hundreds of years old, and yet still maintains its integrity today! Psalms 104:33 says: ‘I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.’ It is because of the maintained relevance of this charge that the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Progressive Baptist Church, Peaceful Rest Baptist Church, Morning Star Baptist Church, and Stonewall Baptist Church will assemble in adoration of God the Father and remembrance of purpose; lifting voices of praise and thanksgiving unto Him alone.”

Appearing with their choirs on this date will be Melete Woods-Terry, James Clark, Antonio Washington, and Charles Washington. “These are anointed, prolific, award-winning and notable ministers of music who have been blessed to profoundly impact the landscape of Gospel music in the state of Louisiana and beyond through travel, ministry opportunities, sound recordings, workshops, and other diverse methods of evangelism,” said Hester.

Also sharing in the worship experience will be Qualesia Bullard, internationally recognized praise and worship leader of the Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral. Brenda Wimberly, gifted and renowned concert soprano, is a guest vocalist as well. The ministry of Dance will also be featured as led by Skylar Bryant of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. This worship experience, while absolutely highlighting the Church choir, promises to demonstrate a wealth of artistic expressions.

Elder Joseph Lindsey, Pastor of the Mooringsport Church of God in Christ, will serve as program mover. Pastor Lindsey, loved and respected by all, is an anointed and generous staple of the Gospel music community. Other surprise appearances are in store at this once in a lifetime moment which is poised to unite many of the best singers in Shreveport, past and present.

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