Mother and two daughters are all school principals, roots go back to Wisner, LA

Mother and two daughters are all school principals, roots go back to Wisner, LA

December 27, 2016 0 By congotvnetwork

Even though The Boatner Family’s branches spread all over the country, their family roots lie in Wisner, LA. It’s a small town near Monroe in North Louisiana. Whenever they can, they try to keep the grand-kids exposed to their family history.

While visiting extended family in rural Wisner they decided to drive the whole clan to the closest mall, Pecanland Mall, in Monroe. The family spent the day shopping and eating together before Martha Boatner flew back to Las Vegas.

Martha is now the Matriarch of the Boatner Family. She is a principal at Judith Steele Elementary in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has spent decades educating youth and working in the community as a role model for young girls but her greatest impression was left on her two daughters, Alondria and Carol.

The Boatner Family / Pecanland Mall

Both Alondria and Carol live in Destrehan, LA and they are both principals as well. Alondria Bowie is Principal at Einstein Charter in Michoud, an area in New Orleans East and Carol Cotton is Asst. Principal at Luling Elementary, which is located on the New Orleans West Bank area.

“I knew I wanted to be an educator. Its what I always wanted to be. I love helping others and pouring into kids,” said Carol. It is almost their family tradition except Alondria admits it wasn’t until the latter part of her life that she accepted the calling to teach kids. “I didn’t want to teach until I substituted at my mother’s school and saw the way the kids responded to what I taught. That gleam in their eyes made me realize this job is more important and special than I gave it credit for. I want to be the medium between a child’s present and his future,” said Alondria.

Teaching is a calling. The world needs to view it as such. When the community respects teaching as a Life Commitment our system will pay them what they are truly worth and people with a true commitment to kids will step up to the plate.

In fact, the honor in teaching is what made Martha want to teach many years ago. “Education is a life of giving. I knew when I was in 3rd grade I would be a teacher. At that time teaching was a very respected position in the community, especially during Civil Rights. Educators were that light that our people needed and I wanted to carry that light,” said Martha Boatner.

Martha Boatner / Pecanland Mall

While the family it quite successful today Martha makes it very plain and clear that she and her daughters have been through a lot together over the years and they still have an unbreakable bond. “I love my girls. They make me so proud. I hope a few of my grand-kids become teachers as well. It is not only a commitment to our family. It is indeed an honorable commitment to our community.”