First ever Malcom X Day planned for Monroe, organizer says Malcom’s impact is underappreciated

First ever Malcom X Day planned for Monroe, organizer says Malcom’s impact is underappreciated

May 15, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

North Louisiana will have the opportunity to celebrate the life of Malcom X for the first time ever on May 20, 2017. “Malcom X Day” will take place at Charles Johnson Memorial Park in Monroe, LA featuring an afternoon of activities and entertainment for all ages.

Michael J. Abrams, Chairman of Current Phenomenon Inc. and Board Member of DowUrk Inc., is coordinating the family day in the park with both organizations parterning to make it a success.  Abrams says Malcom X’s impact on the Black Community is always overlooked and underappreciated.

“Looking at the legacy of Malcolm X, he was a fiery, uncompromising leader who was all about Black empowerment. He offered solutions which promoted true independence and self-love for us. That caused a major shift in the power structure,” said Abrams.

Malcom X, born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, NE, is often mentioned in the same conversation with Black Movement Leaders but is seldom celebrated to a degree equivalent to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. even though their movements were successful during the same time span.  “We have always felt there were others who deserved to have a day to be respected and remembered for their contributions in our struggle. They rightfully gave us MLK, Jr. Day (and a watered down version of him) but we are beyond the point of asking for a day to pay tribute to our heroes,” said Abrams.

He says Blacks don’t need permission to honor proven leaders. “If we want to celebrate someone who we feel is significant enough to honor, then we should do so without any apologies. They gave us MLK, Jr. Day, We’re TAKING Malcolm X Day!”

Leaders have spoken for years about the lack of information given in schools about Malcom X. He is arguably the most feared activist throughout American History.  “The curriculum that this current system has set up is designed to cater to the best interest of those in power in order to maintain that power. Therefore, there could be no such thing as a standard education, rather an education that addresses the specific needs of a people. Rationally speaking, we can no longer expect this current system to provide us with the proper education we need in order to empower us. That responsibility will fall directly on we, the people, to educate ourselves in those things that will ultimately serve our best interests,” Abrams explained.

“People should take the time to listen to Malcolm X and let him speak for himself. He’s the prime example of a man that defined the true essence of evolution coming from the lowest of lows as a drug peddler, drug user, pimp, thief, criminal, and ascended to the highest of heights. He provided us with confidence and knowledge about ourselves at a time when Africans in America lacked the knowledge and self-confidence to shape our destiny. His contributions in our struggle will forever be marked in the pages of history.”

Malcom X Day will feature Step Teams, Dance Teams, Spoken Word, Singers and Rappers, and Live Musicians. In order to promote circulating the Black Dollar, they’ll have the Black Business Expo. Several Black owned businesses will promote and sell their products/services. There will be free food, beverages, and prizes for everyone with games for the whole family to participate. Coordinators have invited informative speakers and live DJs.

Several prominent figures in Monroe and surrounding areas will speak. Abrams is expecting Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo and Morehouse Parish School Board Member Chastity Kennedy to attend as well. The event will begin at 1pm and end at 5pm.

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