Teen jazz artist wants to be the ‘Beyonce of Jazz’, composed two original pieces at 16 years old

Teen jazz artist wants to be the ‘Beyonce of Jazz’, composed two original pieces at 16 years old

July 8, 2017 0 By Lundun-Love

In every little girl’s heart, there’s always a dream which keeps her moving throughout the playbook of life. Ms. Kirsten Theodore, a young New Orleans native and up and coming jazz musician, shared her love of music and accredited those who have inspired her to perfect her craft during Essence Weekend in New Orleans.

The 16-year old vibrant teen gave Black Boot an exclusive and more deeper intimate insight as to what keeps her innovative juices flowing. As she began explaining her goals and what motivates her as an artist, she shared about who inspires her most. “I listen to a lot of Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, and Sunny Stitt,” she said as she went down her lists of favorites. However, if she had the chance to, Ms. Kirsten says she would have to get into the studio with none other than the late great Michael Joseph Jackson. “It brings it back to feel good music…” says the teen as she reminisces on the magic made by the pop King.

She even paints a more vivid picture of how she pulls from each of these artists. “I hear a lot of melodies in my head…and nowadays it’s so hard writing music…..originality is something you have to watch….I have to have my saxophone with me and I’ll sit down at the piano. It’s not easy but it’s definitely not impossible.” she says.

Digging deeper into her goals and what sets this young diva extraordinaire apart from others, she shares that music is her soul food and how she wants to use her talents to touch people in a way to not only promote positivity, but exude responsibility. Being an artist for her is much more than just playing notes on the saxophone or learning piano chords. In remembering the MJ legacy, she reaches back to her roots. “I want my music to touch people the way Michael Jackson’s music touched people. I just want to make people feel good.”

It is vitally important Kirsten draws a fanbase that not only feels her, but feels understood. Kirsten, at just 16 years old, has composed two original pieces, “427” and “59” , which can be found on YouTube.

Coming from a musical family, with mother Mrs. Nikia Russell as her musical teacher and father Mr. Brian Russell as her number one cheerleader and coach, it was clear at an early age Kirsten would be destined for greatness in all her musical aspirations. She reminds her audience of the importance of staying woke and remaining focused especially as a young female in a male dominated industry.

Her family members all confirm, composing her own music has been a dream of hers since she was 8 years old. They claim she always had a gift that they just had to nurture. Her family’s home is beautiful and has been a muscially inclined atmosphere. Her parents have provided a constant place for her to create her musical magic.

Kirsten desires to start a foundation to mentor young girls who also have aspirations of becoming musicians and open doors to help them achieve heights that they have always planned to reach and beyond.

With a strong faith in God, a loving family, her mentor, Roderick Paulin, and her dreams always in mind, it is evident that the goals of this young queen, wise beyond her years, are soon to be achieved.

She wants to be the “Beyonce of Jazz” . She likes how Beyonce is able to unite multiple music styles within her art. “I don’t mind taking my jazz pieces beyond the perameters of traditional jazz.”

She says she marches to her own drum. “You have to be fearless when it comes to life and careless when it comes to what other people think of you.” For more information on this young star in the making, visit her via twitter @kirstntheodore, via facebook @Kirsten Theodore, and via instagram @ Kirstentheod