Oakland Raiders player to host camp to address rising violence, 14 NFL players will attend

Oakland Raiders player to host camp to address rising violence, 14 NFL players will attend

July 5, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

Justin “Jellybean” Ellis will host a Football Camp this Saturday morning at 9am. It will be held at the Neville High School football field for kids ages 7-17 years old. Walter Jones, Director of Marketing and Player Relations for Pro Source Sports Agency, says Ellis is alarmed by the constant increase in murder among youth in his hometown. The agency encourages their clients to be a voice in their hometowns.

“These athletes have been given a platform which enables them to reach these kids. I know the impression that professional athletes can make on a kid’s life. They have a platform to make it better. It is their responsibility and obligation to do events like this. 1% of males who aspire to play professional sports actually get the opportunity. The few who are blessed to make should give back,” said Walter Jones.

This is Justin’s first camp in Monroe. He played at Neville High School and then played for Louisiana Tech. He was drafted in 2015 in the 3rd Round to the Oakland Raiders. He is Defensive Lineman for the Raiders.

Kids will be doing drills and dashes at the football camp. The professional athletes and local coaches will discuss Physical Fitness and Health Values with the youngsters but more than that, they will mentor the kids one on one about the importance of treating women properly, how to dress for the success, and the importance of preparing for college.

“Many of these kids have sisters and it is important they know to treat women the same way they would want a guy to treat their own sister or mother,” said Jones.

“It saddens me to hear about kids in my hometown being murdered. To be in California and get a phone call from people back home saying another kid has been killed is heartbreaking. It makes me want to do more with my platform to reach these young brothers,” said Ellis.

This year Ellis launched his own Non-Profit Foundation called “Current Phenomenon”. The organization recently held a shoe drive in Monroe where hundreds of kids received new tennis shoes as a community service to low income families. The foundation has also sponsored a Malcom X Day in the Park to highlight the accomplishments and legacy of Malcom X.

Ellis, who grew up in the Booker T. area of Monroe, says he can’t get to Monroe fast enough. “People assume because we don’t live in Monroe anymore that we aren’t concerned about what’s happening there. I grew up in an area of poverty and I know firsthand the effects it has on young boys. This is just my effort to assist with leaders in the city who are diligently trying to combat the violence that is taking place in my hometown. We all have to do our part,” said Ellis.

Local coaches and business owners are partnering with Ellis this weekend in Monroe to address the increasing violence in the city and to help steer the minds of young boys to a more productive way of dealing with their life frustrations. “I’m hoping these players can be a spark. I hope they can guide some kids back to a positive path,” said Jones.

Dak Prescott, Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Khalil Mack of the Oakland Raiders, and Vernon Butler of the Carolina Panthers are among the 14 players who are confirmed to help motivate the kids. Barkevious Mingo, a former West Monroe High School player, who is now a Superbowl Champion will be in attendance as well. Cam Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dillon Day of the Denver Broncos (both are former West Monroe High School players) will also be helping with the event.

A Meet & Greet is planned for this Friday night @ 7pm at the Monroe Civic Center. For more information, call Walter Jones 318-512-5274.