Kappa Alpha Psi returns to Grambling after 7 years, Spring Greek Show full of magic

Kappa Alpha Psi returns to Grambling after 7 years, Spring Greek Show full of magic

April 3, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

Tigerfest 2017 has come to an end but students are still talking about the energy and excitement from Friday night’s Spring Step Showcase at Hobdy Assembly Center on the campus of Grambling St. University.

The biggest highlight of the evening was the return of Kappa Alpha Psi to the campus. The popular fraternity hasn’t presented a new line of members since 2010. The 2017 Probate was held during the Tigerfest Greek Show. “I am so happy for them. We love all of the Greeks but the Kappas bring their own energy to the campus and it has definitely been missed,” said Lekisha Shephard, who screamed so much she was hoarse by the end of the night.

Each of the participating Greek organizations presented step-shows with very familiar themes. Omega Psi Phi stepped in all camouflage. Their set depicted scenes for the funny 90s Damon Wayans movie, Major Payne.

In fact, the 90’s seemed to be the trend for the whole evening. The Zetas did an Old School Vs New School skit. The Iota’s, who actually won the Fall Step Show with just two members stepping, did a New Edition tribute with their performance time. The AKAs were dressed in shiny pink suits to portray Power Rangers. Phi Beta Sigma took scenes from the hit movie, Friday, and incorporated the scenes into their set.

Even though the Kappas kept the ladies screaming for nearly 30 minutes, a group of 12 and 13 Year Old boys opened the show to set the pace for the night.

UPHY, United Positive Humble Youth, are a group of Junior High School boys who have found stepping as a way to stay focused and prepare for college. Courtney Wallace and Deonte Pope have been working with the young men for over a year now.

“I have a passion to work with kids and I wanted to give kids another alternative instead of sports,” said Wallace. “Not everybody plays football but if we can find ways to keep them dedicated to something cultural it will ultimately keep them off the streets and focused on college,” he said.

He and Pope have worked with the young men extensively as mentors.  Dylan Rhone, a 13 Year Old Student At Ruston Jr. High School, stepped with UPHNY at Grambling.  “I havent made up my mind yet on what college I’m going to but coming here to perform definitely makes me want to consider Grambling,” said Rhone.

The judges, of multiple sororities and fraternities, voted the AKAs 1st Place and Zeta Phi Beta came in Second Place. For the Fraternities, Omega Psi Phi came in 1st Place, the Iotas came in 2nd Place, and Phi Beta Sigma came in 3rd Place.

For the Non-Divine 9 organizations, Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi were the winners. Both groups are Grambling State University Band organizations.

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