Casme’s All Star Apollo, musicians compete to rep their city and win cash money

Casme’s All Star Apollo, musicians compete to rep their city and win cash money

February 19, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

Participants from all the country competed for cash money at Casme’s All Star Apollo. Rappers, Singers, Pianists, and Poets all blazed the stage at Cafe Istanbul in the St. Roch/Marigny area of New Orleans.

“I am glad I came here. It was laid back and there were some really good performers,” said Amina Sellers, who came to the event with a friend from Texas.

Events such as this one are important. NBA All Star Weekend is very celebrity driven but these kind of events give the common person a chance to be part of the celebration.

Local promoter, Casme, has become one of the premiere promoters in the New Orleans. Her events get major love from the community and her first class reputation has gained her a national appeal. “We have the best talent in the world right here in Louisiana. On a weekend where the whole world is watching New Orleans it is the perfect opportunity for artists to display their talent,” said Casme, Event Coordinator and Hostess.

With congestive traffic all over the city, many locals were looking for events to patronize in familiar venues. Cafe Istanbul is home to many popular local showcases. A Mardi Gras Parade rolled during this event prohibiting many from even getting to the venue and forcing some to walk 6-7 blocks because that was the closest parking spot. However, the crowd was nice and everyone pressed their way in to support some very good musicians.

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