Young girl to play Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter in new ‘Girls Trip’ movie, also in ‘Claws’ with Neicy Nash

Young girl to play Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter in new ‘Girls Trip’ movie, also in ‘Claws’ with Neicy Nash

June 17, 2017 0 By congotvnetwork

At age six, most little girls are playing with barbie dolls or watching their favorite shows and movies on television. But, six year old, Aadyn Encalarde, doesn’t have time to watch those shows and movies. She’s starrring in them.

Aaydyn, a 1st grader in New Orleans, will play “Riley” in the highly anticipated new movie, Girls Trip. In the movie, she stars as daughter to Jada Pinkett Smith. “Mrs. Smith was very nice to meet and fun to work with,” said Aadyn. Girls Trip will be released on July 21 in theaters everywhere. The movie stars Smith along with Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish.

Even though Girls Trip won’t be released until mid July, Aadyn also stars as “Brienne” on the hit TV Show, Claws. The show stars Neicy Nash. Aadyn also plays “Tayla” in Things With Feathers. “Neicey Nash and the rest of the Cast are so warm and welcoming,” said Nicole Collins, Aadyn’s mother. “Neicy is a true professional and she’s thoughtful.”  Collins says they are like family on the set. “Aadyn has a younger tv sister played by a set of twins. Niecy bought the girls a gift which included bubbles. They were thrilled.”

Collins is no stranger to the camera either. She has been in several movies, including most recently… 12 Years A Slave. She was also an official arena announcer for the NBA, working as the on camera announcer for the New Orleans Pelicans. Collins, herself, has been acting for years and she says she knew her daughter would have talent before she even gave birth to her.

“I could just feel it. I knew she was going to be talented when she was in the womb,” said Collins. She had a very strong connection with her child. “While pregnant, I was studying under Lance Nichols, Andrea Frankle, and Dean West and performing improv with Jennifer Schemke. It was in her. At two years old she could demonstrate different emotions very convincingly on the spot.”

Collins says she tried stimulating her imagination every chance she got. “By doing this, she learned on set etiquette and the fundamentals of ‘on camera’ action. When she booked her first gig at age 4 she was well prepared.”

Collins and Aadyn’s father, Martin Encalarde, Jr. both agreed they had to invest in their daughter’s gifts. They began working with her and eventually Aadyn was signed to NOMT Youth, a popular talent agency in New Orleans. Collins knows her daughter has a gift but she also believes there are many more kids with gifts in Louisiana but may not know the opportunities which are available. She says it is up to the parent to stay engaged with New Orleans’ rapid growing Film Industry and make sure your kid is prepared at all times for the right opportunity,” she says.

“Parents have to first take time to learn and understand this business. Then, speak as much life into your child’s hopes and dreams while cultivating it with classes and exercises. Knowing who to trust and where and what to spend your money on is important. For parents whose children love acting, get their head shots taken, enroll them in a class (Nola Drama kids, Debbie Gaudet), get them on a stage and submit them to agencies but also be willing to try independent projects. There are a lot of reputable independent projects filmed in New Orleans (UNO and Tulane),” she advised.

Nicole Collins

Collins, who is filming in Los Angeles right now, says the hardest thing in the world for her is to be working in the business in California while her daughter is back in New Orleans evolving in the same industry. “Her father and I have a great support system. Her step mother, my family and her dad’s family have chipped in more ways than imaginable. We talk and facetime every day. We’ve even gone old school and sent letters pen-pal style. I am able to come home often and she has come to Los Angeles a couple of times since my move here,” she says.

Even though she is in several highly rated productions right now, most days… she is stil a six year old girl who enjoys drawing, creating stories, and dancing. She loves being outside and she is a super fan of Beyonce. “She is so full of life and entertainment. The world is hers and we are all so proud of her. We know that God is real and dreams do come true.”

Catch Aadyn on Claws, airing Sundays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on TNT.

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