I Believe The Children Are Our Future

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

January 3, 2017 0 By Robert Wright

      In 1977, Michael Masser and Linda Creed penned the lyrics to a song that would become a hit by singer George Benson. They began the words to “The Greatest Love of All” with “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” It’s a song of inspiration that has surpassed two generations of singers. However, the key to understanding some of our social problems may just lie within the lyrics to this song…and it’s been there all along.

          In the movie “Iron Man 2” Tony Stark confronts complications with the electromagnet in his chest. He tried every possible solution he knew of to relieve the tension with no avail. However, he was reminded that only he could figure it out, that with the aid of work began by his father. In a video left in a vault for him, Howard Stark (Tony’s father) told him that his work was the key to the future. “I’m limited by the technology of my time, but one day you’ll figure this out, and when you do, you will change the world,” he told Tony.

          The youth are the key to the future. The “teaching them well” has often been our problem. Many of them have been misguided and mis-educated. As a result, they join the rest of the adult world in roaming around in circles approaching the same problems with the same set of unsuccessful solutions.

         We go to school to get an education, but to what extent? What are we doing with that knowledge? Do your parents own a store, beauty shop, funeral home, newspaper, law firm, auto shop, car dealership or a thriving medical facility? Could their works be improved upon by you, thereby providing a future for you and your successors? My brother and I studied at trade schools to learn photography and graphic design. This complements the work in mass communications already begun by our father. The Miller and McFarland kids went to schools of mortuary science to carry on their family’s business. Nationally, Sam Walton’s kids took on their father’s business and turned it into the world’s largest corporation, with its headquarters still in Bentonville, Arkansas. We, as kids, are often reminded to “build a better mousetrap” and instead of chasing after the riches of the world, do great works that will have the world beating a path to us.

        There’s no reason to ensure that our youth get a college degree if it can’t be translated into food on the table and a roof over a head. We must show them how to make a living and use their school training to further the works already established. Many will rebel and will seek to chart their own lives, but as this author realized, the family business or its likeness, if reared properly, will forever be in one’s blood.

        Nick Fury posed a question to Tony Stark “You are the only person with the means and knowledge to finish what he started….are you that guy?” This is one that could relate to any of us and if we are that person, we can “solve the riddle of our existence.” The children are our future. If we teach them well, they will change the world.

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